We always insist on the design thinking of Excellent & Suitable and inject the spirit of car design into every project.

JoisDesign is an independent design company composed of designers who love creativity, providing customers with high-quality, highly relevant, practical and effective design services.

The company was founded by a professional designer who is good at thinking across fields. The founder is a former TOYOTA (Toyota) car designer, NISSAN (Nissan) INFINITI (Infiniti) contracted freelance designer, free brand visual designer, and independently completed the creation and implementation of brand visual systems for many popular brands.

JoisDesign pursues the essence of things, has extremely strict requirements for our works, and is brave and good at breaking through restrictions and constantly facing challenges. The founder hopes that JoisDesign can grow step by step into a top design company that truly thinks independently and solves problems creatively.

Inject the craftsmanship and advanced methodology of car design into every project, making the design not only easy to use but also more moving.

The team was formed by a professional car designer from the world's number one car brand, and gathered many outstanding designers from first-class companies and universities. The automotive design industry represents the highest design standards in the world today. It perfectly integrates all dimensions such as brand, product, feasibility, sensibility, and sculpture. We inject the most cutting-edge methodology and craftsmanship from the automotive design industry into each project, so that the design can not only solve problems effectively, be simple and easy to use, but also be more moving.


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